I've spent my life, one way or another, in music. From childhood in church choirs, to school bands, to teenage pursuits in rock and jazz, college choirs, and finally, my studies at University of the Arts (Philadelphia). I have a particular love of church music. I write for the resident choirs at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, where my wife and I are members. I also work with music directors in other churches. I write instrumental music for orchestra and chamber groups. And now, I am writing hymns and worship songs. I play piano and electric bass guitar. I stand in vastly different aesthetic worlds, from my wonderful world of choral music, to rock and even contemporary Christian worship. I will just as eagerly go to a Wagner opera as I will to a Bon Iver concert. I've played in a few church performance settings, and I've had the rare opportunity to play with The Philadelphia Orchestra (as an electronic keyboard performer of sound effects in a new composition!)

I love music. It's a reflection of the joy God has given me for that special part of our world that exists only in sound waves, yet is capable of bringing us to every range of emotional extreme.